Photos for Charity

A mauve lotus flower in the foreground, a lotus bud behind and to the right,  above a bed of lotus leaves which float serenely on the water.  Taken on a freshwater island near Shang Hai, China
A wonderfully atmospheric picture of cloud-covered mountain tops at Huang Shan ("The Yellow Mountains", China
Clouds and sky, seen from the air; underneath but almost invisibler is the coastline of Kuala Lumpur.  The tropical sky is an intense blue, fading as the distance from the airfract increases
Tun. Wells
White ship-lapped timber-clad buildings in a narrow alley (the Lower Walk of the Pantiles); to the right, windows boxes at head height and above contain red, pink and white flowers
A freeze-frame image of a drop of water, frozen at the moment that it breaks the surface of a brownish liquid, possibly coloured milk.  Taken during a studio night at DDACC
A snow-covered bronze statue of the Buddha, taken in our friends' garden in Bolsehle, Germany

Photos for Charity is a not-for-profit web site through which photographers (both amateur and professional) can display and sell their work; all income received above and beyond that necessary to cover administrative costs will be donated to charity. Photographers who choose to sell their work through the site pay a small fee for using the service, whilst those who choose to donate the income from their work to charity are able to use the site free of charge.

Photos for Charity is the brain-child of Âu Dương Lệ Khanh, a member of the Danson & District Amateur Camera Club, and was officially launched in July 2007 at the Vietnamese Network Summer Fair in Burgess Park, London, where nearly £200 was raised for Oxfam. As of March 2015, Lệ Khanh has raised almost £1000 for charity, the main beneficiaries so far being Oxfam, Age Concern, The Brooke Hospital (Cairo) and Children in Need.

A sample of Lệ Khanh's work is shewn in the galleries opposite : please click on any image to see all photographs in that category, and then click on any individual image to see a larger version. If you would like to purchase prints of any of these (which are available at sizes up to 100 x 140cm), or if you would like to sell your own work through this site, please contact Lệ Khanh at [email protected]

You may also like to visit our sister site, Poems for Charity, where Lệ Khanh's poems have been used as inspiration for a number of poems in Vietnamese written by her neighbour, Nguyễn Thị Yến Vân, in her home town of Đà Nẵng; these have also been translated into English.